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Mgr. Jakub Klein, attorney-at law (advokát) is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic and a member of the Czech Bar Association. He has extensive experience in advocacy and business, represents both Czech and foreign clients, his clientele includes medium and small enterprises and individuals. He specializes in litigation and representation of clients in criminal proceedings. Fluency in Czech, Slovak and English.

Individual and pro-client approach is essential for the law firm. Legal services are provided directly by the attorney-at-law. The office operates primarily in Prague, however, most consultations might be provided online or via e-mail, if it is convenient for the client or appropriate for the case, the lawyer will come to the meeting throughout the Czech Republic or even abroad.

e-mail: jakub.klein@akklein.cz

phone: + 420 736 696 789


criminal law

criminal defense, representation of victims of crime in exercising their rights, including the right to compensation for damages, defense of juvenile defendants and representation of minors under the Juvenile Justice Act

civil disputes, litigation

representation of clients and legal consultations in pre-trial proceedings and in private law court disputes, in particular in disputes concerning compensation for damages and recovery of debts and claims, representation in insolvency disputes and in enforcement proceedings

privacy and defamation

protection against interference with fundamental rights, in particular the right to privacy, the right to information, protection of reputation, legal assistance to journalists and publicists, protection of the right to freedom of expression, GDPR implementation

intellectual property law

protection of copyright and other intellectual property rights; creation of contractual documentation in the field of licenses and contracts for works with a copyright element

employment law

labor law advice, both for employees and employers, representation of clients in labor law disputes

contracts and corporations

legal assistance in a wide range of legal areas of private law in everyday life, whether in routine matters such as concluding contracts or in the operation of companies

Examples of the services provided

Criminal defense

complex defense of clients in criminal proceedings, conditional release, commutation of sentences, extinguishment of convictions

High courts complaints

representation of clients in extraordinary appeals to Supreme court and Constitutional court in civil and criminal cases


representation of clients in law disputes inf front of Czech courts and in administrative proceedings, complaints to administrative courts

Authors, IP rights

advice to minimize the risks associated with the exercise of intellectual property rights, protection against unauthorized infringement

Representation of crime victims

recovery of damages, unjustified enrichment and non-pecuniary harm from perpetrators of crimes and administrative misdemeanors

Help for victims of crime

legal aid for victims and especially vulnerable victims of crime, legal aid is usually provided either at a reduced rate or free of charge

Criminal complaints

preparation and filing of criminal reports and complaints to administrative authorities, complaints against law enforcement decisions


assisting creditors with filing claims, representing creditors and debtors in incidents and disputes over the scope of the estate

Unfair competition, counterfeits

protection against unfair competition, protection against false and misleading advertising, action against unfair practices by competitors

Internet content creators

artists, web content creators and advertising partners, assistance in the negotiation of advertising or collaboration agreements

Internet domains

internet domain disputes, arbitration and litigation, cybersquatting and copycat e-commerce, unauthorized redistribution

Online harassment

effective action against online bullying, harassment and interference with personal rights over the internet

Privacy and GDPR

legal advice on data protection, protection against misuse of personal data, recovery of damages and compensation

Contracts and related rights

drafting of contracts, enforcement of rights arising from obligations and wrongful acts, both in court and out of court

Juvenile delinquency

representation of juvenile defendants and children suspected of committing otherwise criminal offenses

Labor law and employment

protection of employees' and employers' rights, terminations, competition clauses, severance pay, general labor law consultations

Legal fees

Initial consultation, i.e. general introduction to the case (typically 0.5 - 1 hour) including a proposal of the conditions for further action, is offered free of charge. As a general rule the law firm provides legal services for a fee determined by hours of legal services provided, the actual fee varies based on complexity of service provided as well of other factors. The lawyer is not a payer of value added tax.

Some services can be negotiated at a fixed price in relation to the expected costs. In justified cases, it is possible to negotiate a success fee that excludes having to cover some of the costs in advance. In exceptional cases, a fee may be negotiated in accordance with Decree No. 177/1996 Coll., on Attorneys' Fees and Compensation of Attorneys for the Provision of Legal Services (the Attorneys' Tariff), as amended.

In view of the fact that everyone should be able to obtain legal assistance if they really are in need of it, Jakub Klein in justified cases and in agreement with the client, offers his services at a reduced rate, depending on the attorney's time availability.

Consumer dispute resolution information:

In the event of a dispute arising from a contract for the provision of legal services concluded between an attorney and a client-consumer, where the dispute cannot be resolved by agreement, the client is entitled to file a motion for out-of-court dispute resolution with the Czech Bar Association. Further information can be found on the CBA website.

The consumer out-of-court resolution entity for legal services:

Česká advokátní komora Národní třída 16 110 00 Praha 1

e-mail: epodatelna@cak.cz; web: www.cak.cz

Contact information

Mgr. Jakub Klein, advokát

Czech Bar Association Reg. No.: 20910

Data Box address: n5xrnkk

Registration No. (IČO): 74817051

phone number: + 420 736 696 789

e-mail: jakub.klein@akklein.cz

e-mail for administration: office@akklein.cz


Masarykovo nábřeží 246/12

110 00 Praha 1

Czech Republic

GPS: 50.0776222, 14.4144817

The office is on the second floor (P1), elevator is available